June 2022 Vol 11 No 1

Author (s) :

1). A. K. Mishra, Madan Bhandari Memorial Academy Nepal , Urlabari, Nepal

Abstract :

Bidding trend in different categories of work in Division Road Offices, Bharatpur are different. The main purpose of the research is to analyze the existing bidding trends along with the consequences of procurement at Division Road Office Bharatpur, Chitwan. Contracts were administered in Chitwan and Dhading districts. A five ranking likert scale ranging from 1(strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree) was adopted to capture the importance of various factors with help of Relative Importance Index (RII). For the improvement in existing bid awarding system based on scheduled questionnaire i.e. low bidding and collusive bidding, new bidding method would be introduced. Extra qualification criteria should be focused by assigning weighted in monitory term along with implementation of extra performance bond based on ranges of percentage below engineers' estimate through amendment of PPA (2007) and PPR (2007), asking method of statement and assuring for project performances before project implementation. The provision of bid capacity might improve with practice for discouraging low bidding trend. The expected outcome was assumed to be applicable for policy making in concerned authority.

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Author (s) :

1). T. Moses, Federal University of Lafia, Lafia, Nasarawa, NIGERIA
2). H. E. Obi , Federal University, Lafia, Nasarawa, NIGERIA

Abstract :

Misconduct and crime of all sorts are the popular problems that bother humanity in general. This research work seeks to review and suggest the best solution to this problem. From this study, it was noticed that most research carried out has been focused on monitoring, controlling, and tracking automobile crimes, a process that has become difficult as in producing good results to adequately combat these crimes. Monitoring, tracking, and/or controlling automobile crimes are not most reliable due to certain conditions such as atmospheric or weather conditions, lack of knowledge, etc. So, with this challenge, this study reviews and suggest a better solution to this problem. If implemented, the suggested solution will help reduce the rate of automobile crimes by providing relevant authorities with good predicted results as information for battling automobile crime effectively. The suggested solution involves implementing a model using a good and best dataset alongside the best deep-learning algorithm. Finding shows that deep-learning algorithm provides successful, general, accurate, and fast result analysis. The obtained dataset should be filtered for noise and other unwanted values to ensure accuracy, reduce computation time, and provide an adequate understanding of the solution.

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