Electrical Engineering

  Programmable Logic Control

  Network Analysis And Synthesis

  Design Of Electrical Apparatus

  Protection & Switchgear

  High Voltage Engineering

  EHV AC & DC Transmission Engineering

  Neural Networks and Application to Power Systems

  Solid State Relays

  Power Plant Instrumentation

  Advanced Control Systems

  Advanced Power Electronic Systems

  Industrial Electrical & Electronic Instrumentation

  Power Conditioning

  Microprocessor Applications in Power Electronics

  Advanced Digital Control System

  Computer Methods in Power System Analysis.

  Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems (FACTS)

  Wind Energy and Other Non-conventional Energy Systems

  Electric Energy Utilization And Conservation

  Fuzzy Set Theory and Application to Power Systems

  Special Electrical Machines

  Advanced Electrical Drives

  Modeling & Simulation of Electrical Systems

  Renewable Energy Resources

  Power Electronics

  Electric Machine


  Improved Gravitational Search Algorithm

  Optimal Reactive Power Problem

  Solar Based Electrical Power Generation Forecastin

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