Mechanical Engineering

 Design for Manufacture  Composite Materials Technology  Advanced Optimization Techniques
 Supply Chain Management  Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems  Thermal Engineering
 Design of Machine Elements  CNC Technology  CAD/CAM
 Computer Aided Product Design  Metal Forming Processes  Production Planning & Control
 Product Design & Development  Wind and Solar Power Engineering  Composites, ceramics, and polymers processing
 Computational mechanics / FEM modeling and simulation  Computer-based manufacturing technologies: CNC, CAD, CAM, FMS, CIM  Concurrent engineering
 Dynamic system analysis  Failure and fracture mechanics  Materials Engineering
 Machine Vision  Job Shop Scheduling  Mechanical Design
 Thermal  Automobile Design  Metallurgy
 Mechanical Manufacturing  Biodiesel production  Heat Transfer Fluid
 Stability Analysis of Muscular and Skeletal System  Optimization of Leaf Spring parameters  Influence of Fly Ash Particles on Surface Roughnes
 Moveable Column Vertical Machining Center