Civil Engineering

 Earthquake Resistant Structures  Disaster Mitigation  Seismic Hazard and Strong Ground Motion
 Seismic Isolation and Energy Dissipation  Blasting and other artificially made dynamic loading  Performance based design
 Ground motion-related building damage  Ground devastation by tsunamis  Fluid Mechanics & Dynamics
 Irrigation Engineering  Applied Hydraulic Engineering  Concrete Technology
 Durability of Concrete Structures  Non Destructive Testing  Structural Health Monitoring
 Repair, Rehabilitation & Retrofitting of Structures  Reinforcing and Pre-stressing Materials and Systems  Structural Analysis and Design
 Structures with Dynamic Loading  Finite Element Methods  Analysis and Design of Tall Structures
 Large Span Structures  Bridge, Hydraulic and Marine Structures  Smart Structures and Smart Materials
 Composite Structures  Soil Mechanics  Foundation Engineering
 Material characterization  Site Investigations, In-Situ Testing and Monitoring  Laboratory Testing
 Ground Improvement and Soil Stabilization  Landslides and Slope Stability  Anchored structures
 Deep Excavations and Retaining Structures  Tunneling and Underground Structures  Soil Structure Interaction
 Geo-environmental engineering  Geo-technics for transportation and infrastructure  Mining & Rock Mechanics
 Buried Structures & Subsurface Systems  Soil Dynamics and Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering  Pavement design
 Railways and airprt engineering  Traffic Analysis  Pavement Material Evaluatin
 Evaluatin f pavemen  Urban Transprtatin planning and Policy  Mass Transprtatin system
 Pavement Management System  Industrial Waste Management  Eclgical engineering
 Defrestatin and Desertificatin  Ecsystems and Envirnmental Management  Pllutin Cntrl Measures
 Green Building  Envirnmental Degradatin  Envirnmental Impact Assessment
 Integrated Natural Resource Management (INRM)  Land-use  GIS and GPS fr Envirnment Management
 Use f renewable Energy Resurces  Effluent treatment plant  Envirnmental glbal issues
 GIS Interface for Water Resource  Modern Irrigation Technique  Hydrological Modeling
 Integrated Water and land Use Management  Urban Water Management  Water, Storm Water and Waste Water Management
 Water Augmentation & Harvesting Technique  Ground Water Recharge  Watershed Management
 Sea Water Intrusion  Desalination of Water  Sediment Transport
 Optimization of Reservoir Operation  GIS & remote sensing  Finite Fourier sine integral transformation method.
 GIS Technology  Solid Waste Landfill Leachate on Ground Water Qual  Statistical Properties of Beta-HyperLindley Distri
 Structural Engineering.  Transportation engineering  Irrigation Engineering
 Construction Engineering  Soil Mechanics  Water Resource Engineering
 Gravity concentration of minerals  Influence of Binder Type and Additives