Chaotic Algorithm for Solving Optimal Reactive Power Problem

Author (s):

  1. Dr. Kanagasabai Lenin, Prasad V.Potluri Siddhartha Institute of Technology, Kanuru,


In this work Chaotic Krill Herd (CKH) algorithm is utilized to solve the optimal reactive power problem. Herd behaviour deeds of the Krill individuals are imitated to formulate the algorithm. Key task for the Krill movement is the least distance of each individual Krill from food to the maximum concentration of the herd. Based on the persuaded movement of other Krill’s, foraging movement and substantial propagation the location of every krill in a time period is depended. Chaos theory and the logistic chaotic mapping are used in substantial propagation to improve the search ability of the proposed algorithm. Proposed Chaotic Krill Herd (CKH) algorithm has been validated in IEEE 57, 300 test systems. Real Power Loss is reduced considerably when compared to other standard algorithms.

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