Sharenting in Digital Age: A Netnographic Investigation

Author (s):

  1. S. Udenze, University of Abuja, Gwagwalada,
  2. O. S. Bode, University of Abuja, Gwagwalada


The social media has dictated and transformed varying aspects of human endeavors in society. Sharenting entails the dissemination or sharing of pictures of children on social media by parents. The study investigates the reason for this trend; and further ascertains the type of pictures of children's parents share on WhatsApp and Facebook. The study adopts netnography as the methodology for exploring the trend of sharenting, and the sample size is 20 parents (both mother and father). This was achieved through snowballing, a non-probability sampling method. Findings from the study may likely reveal that mothers sharent more than fathers. The discoveries may further show that parents share photos of good times more often than other kinds of photos. The study recommends that parents should be privacy-conscious when sharing photos of their children online. Also, social media platforms should formulate a check-list that must be checked by parents before sharenting.

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