Optimization of Leaf Spring parameters using Taguchi’s DoE

Author (s):

  1. Dr. J. Kingston Barnabas, Anjalai Ammal Mahalingam Engineering College, Kovilvenni, kingstonmech@gmail.com


The design of leaf spring is the one of the important unit in automotive design. Present day, automobile industries have shown an interest to reduce the weight of vehicle components as people are showing interest to have the vehicle with very good mileage. The objective of this present work is to compare the deformation of modified model of leaf spring with conventional leaf spring. Modeling of Leaf Spring is performed with SOLIDWORKS and structural analysis of the leaf spring is carried out using ANSYS 18.1.The light commercial vehicle (TATA ACE) leaf spring is taken for the analysis. In this work, it is decided to vary various design parameters of the leaf spring and to analyze the effects of those parameters in deformation. The various parameters selected are materials, number of leaves and length of leaves. Each parameter is varied to three levels. As per L9 orthogonal array, the maximum deformation in the leaf spring is obtained from ANSYS analysis for nine test conditions. The best levels of selected leaf spring parameters for minimizing deformation is identified by using Taguchi’s Design of Experiments. Analysis of Variance is used to analyze the influence of selected parameters on deformation of leaf spring.

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