Investigation of Different HTF in Indirect Solar Water Heater

Author (s):

  1. K. C. Agola, Darshan Institute of Engineering & Technology, Rajkot
  2. M. N. Poshiya, Darshan Institute of Engineering & Technology Rajkot, Rajkot,


Energy usage and energy conservation are greatly inter related and corresponds to a main concern in the world. Renewable energy soUrces are an inevitable in the sustainable development technologies in which the needs of this generation and for next generation for need of energy. Nowadays increasing energy demand and environmental issues have inspired many researchers for searching an alternative option to fulfill the energy demand. In such a case, solar energy appears as the most attractive option due to its abundance and clean feature. Today solar thermal technologies are the popular advanced techniques. The performance of solar thermal technology is dependent on certain factors. Among these factors, heat transfer fluids like water, air, antifreezes like ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, hydrocarbon oils etc. have a very crucial role in heat transfer through the effective utilization of solar thermal energy in solar water heater. The phase changing material (PCM)are latest development in the solar water heater. The system efficiency depends on temperature of the different heat transfer fluids used. Hence their performance analysis. also holds greater importance in this area. In this thesis work, a performance analysis on the solar collector of solar water heater system with different heat transfer fluids is being illustrated. The experiment is conducted using varying concentrations of heat transfer fluid mixture. The time period of experiment was 22 April to 26 April, 2019. Starting from 08:00 am to 06:00 pm with observation was taken every one and half hour from data logger attached to J type thermocouples connected to different collectors and different water tanks.

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