June 2019 Vol 8 No 1

  1. Novel and Reliable Design of 5-input Majority Gate in Quantum-dot Cellular Automata Approach
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    DOI : 10.32692/IJDI-ERET/8.1.2019.1901
  2. Investigation of Different HTF in Indirect Solar Water Heater
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    DOI : 10.32692/IJDI-ERET/8.1.2019.1903
  3. Experimental Design for Optimal Removal of PAH from Crude Oil Waste using Aerobic Bioreactor
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    DOI : 10.32692/IJDI-ERET/8.1.2019.1904
  4. Comparison of Transform Techniques Based Image Fusion for Effective Disease Diagnosis
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    DOI : 10.32692/IJDI-ERET/8.1.2019.1905