June 2018 Vol 7 No 1

  1. Integration of BCI and Eye Gaze Tracker to Control Mouse
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    DOI : 10.32692/IJDI-ERET/7.1.2018.1802
  2. Parametric Optimization of Face Milling to Improve Surface Roughness using AISI 1010 Steel
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    DOI : 10.32692/IJDI-ERET/7.1.2018.1803
  3. Minimization of Makespan in Job Shop Scheduling with Heuristic and Genetic Algorithms
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    DOI : 10.32692/IJDI-ERET/7.1.2018.1804
  4. Sentence Level Paraphrase Identification System for Tamil Language
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    DOI : 10.32692/IJDI-ERET/7.1.2018.1805
  5. An Experimental Study on Productivity Improvement using Workstudy and Ergonomics
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    DOI : 10.32692/IJDI-ERET/7.1.2018.1806