Modified Gear Drive to Run the Centrifugal Pump for Reduced Size, Weight and Temperature

Author (s):

  1. Chabhadiya Rakeshkumar M., Faculty of PG Studies & Research, Rajkot, Gujarat, INDIA,,
  2. Nayan Pedhadiya, Cast and Blower Co. (Guj.) Pvt. Ltd., Rajkot, Gujarat, INDIA
  3. Sumitkumar Singh, Faculty of PG Studies & Research, Rajkot, Gujarat, INDIA


This paper presents design and analysis of gear drive to run the agriculture centrifugal pump by different input source such as electric motor and input from tractor. In the present work, design and analysis of spur and helical gear drive is carried out to run the centrifugal pump. Static analysis of both gear drive has been performed using ANSYS (WORKBENCH) 14.0 to find the equivalent bending, contact (von-mises) stresses and deformation. Similarly, bending, contact stress and deformation using Lewis and Hertzian equation are calculated which are then compared with static analysis using Ansys. The calculated Ansys results are found to be in close agreement with the theoretical results. Here helical gear is also safe sides so we replaced the spur gear by helical gear to reduced size, weight and temperature of gear drive.

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