An Enhanced Reliable Data Transport Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

Author (s):

  1. Monika Sharma, PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh, Punjab, India,


In wireless sensor network, it is desirous to reliably transport the data from the sensors to the sink. The sensor nodes are small, with limited computing resources and processing speed and, they are cheap as compared to conventional sensors. Sensor nodes firstly sense the data, appraise it, and then assemble the information from the environment and according to some local decision process, transmit that sensed data to the user. So it requires reliable transport mechanism for such wireless sensor network. In this paper, we have enhanced the PSFQ protocol, which is a hop by hop downstream transport layer protocol. PSFQ is proposed for reliable retasking/reprogramming in wireless sensor network. PSFQ uses three major functions a PUMP, FETCH and REPORT. PSFQ slowly injects data packets into the network, and whenever packet loss occurs, it aggressively performs hop-by-hop loss recovery. PSFQ has report operation such as a feedback/scrutinizing mechanism. There are some shortcomings of PSFQ protocol such as line by sequence data delivery and pump slowly operation. In our proposed work we have improved PSFQ protocol in terms of average delivery ratio and average latency. We have tested original PSFQ protocol and improved protocol on TinyOS over TOSSIM Simulator and it is found that the proposed protocol is better than PSFQ in terms of average delivery ratio and average latency.

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