Performance evaluation of Cooperative Communication using Amplify and Forward Protocol

Author (s):

  1. Nandkishor S Vansdadiya, Thapar University, Patiala, Punjab, India,
  2. Rajendra J Kadivar, Darshan Institute of Engineering & Technology, Rajkot, Gujarat, INDIA


In this paper we consider new cooperative communication system which consists of single antenna source, relay and destination. Modified Cooperative system utilizes the concept of spatial diversity and temporal diversity in order to achieve high diversity gain and better performance as compare to classical cooperative system without increasing number of antennas at source or destination node. Source node transmits symbols to destination with the help of relay which uses Amplify- and-Forward protocol and quadrature phase shift keying (QPSK). Main drawback of classical cooperative communication system using Amplify-and-Forward protocol is noise amplification which can be overcome by Modified Cooperative communication system. Mathematically, it has been analyzed improvement of diversity gain in the case of modified cooperative communication system. Finally, simulation validates the mathematical analysis.

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