Applicability of DFMA Tools in Design Stage of Product Life Cycle

Author (s):

  1. D. B. Upadhyay, Dr. J.N.Mehta government polytechnic, Amreli, Gujarat, India,


Design stage is very important and critical phase in product life cycle because many decisions which impacting the product cost and the downstream development activities is made in this stage. Design for X (DFX) techniques are part of product life cycle and are ideal approaches to improve life-cycle cost, quality, increased design flexibility, increased efficiency and productivity using the concurrent design concepts. DFX tools include: design for manufacture, assembly, quality, maintenance, Serviceability, environment, obsolescence, recyclability and so on. Among these tools this paper details design for manufacture and assembly approaches to improve product in terms of number of parts, cost, and production time, at the design stage by Boothroyd & Dewhurst DFMA system. The paper gives some general guidelines with the help of case study, which suggest how to develop effective and useful DFMA tools for manufacturing firms.

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