Sensitivity Analysis for Water Distribution Network: A Case Study

Author (s):

  1. Bhavana K. Ajudiya, MEFGI – Faculty of PG studies, Rajkot, Gujarat, INDIA,
  2. Dr.S.M.Yadav, SVNIT, Surat, Gujarat, India


Water is a basic need. The provision of safe and adequate drinking water for rural and urban communities continues to be one of the major unfinished tasks. Lack of access to safe water seriously undermines the health and well being of the people. The poor and economically weaker sections are affected the most. Majority of the Indian Population lives in rural areas. At present also the rural community does not have access to safe, regular and adequate drinking water. Under the Swajaldhara scheme of Government of India (Swajaldhara guild line) to provide safe, regular, adequate drinking water to each and every village of this country. Loop 4.0 is used for simulation, design & optimization of looped water distribution network. Sensitivity Analysis is carried out for considering input parameter as pipe material, Population, Residential Pressure and observed the effect on output parameter as unit head loss, pipe diameter, and pressure respectively. The sensitivity analysis suggests that 10, 30 no. of pipes in zone-1 and 1,2,11 in zone-2 are more sensitive in HDPE network while 16,18,28 in zone-1 and 4,6,16 in zone-2 no. of pipes are more sensitive in case GI network. Moreover, HDPE network seems to be more sensitive compare to GI network. The sensitivity analysis for 1257, 1839 & 2207 population has been carried out. It has been found that the diameter of pipe increases with the increase in the population. Effect of change in input pressure on output pressure also been studied in the present work. Also Highly sensitive pipes need more attention in term of maintenance or replacement. It must be noted that the present study helps in identifying a set of pipes on a qualitative basis: however this will not help in quantifying magnitude of damage to pipes i.e. leaks, pipe breakages, pipe bursts etc. But still, the primary information obtained from the study helps in deciding a broad operation policy with respect to reparability or maintenance of the pipe network system.

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