Implementation of EV Battery Charging by Wireless Power Transfer

Author (s):

  1. R. Ramaprabha, SSN College of Engineering, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India,
  2. T. Kripalakshmi, SSN college of Engineering, Kalavakkam, Tamil Nadu, INDIA


The transmission of electric power from a source point (front-end) to the load point (rear-end) destination offers to be a challenging one without any intermediate physical substance or either the annoying wires between them. As this originates from the experimentation of Testla in the year 1899 which is meant to be called as “World Wireless System”, his experiment was done in the concept of microwave power generation which is most suitable for long distance and high frequency applications. Apart from the methods developed the promising wireless charging technology used is the ICPT by analyzing the design of charging coils, coupler, compensation network, power level enhancement and efficiency into major criteria. WPT is the technology that reduces the troubles in usages of wires and mainly long period charging of batteries. The objective of this paper aims in dynamically charging the online electric vehicle with the transmitter embedded inside the roads and the vehicle chassis as the receiver.

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