Adaptive Street Lighting System with Diagnostics and Control on IoT Platform

Author (s):

  1. A. M. Vasdewani, VVP Engineeiring College, Rajkot,


In today’s modern cities the amount of electrical power used for street light is substantial. 60% of electricity bill of a reasonable sized municipal corporation comprises of electricity used by street lighting. Street lights are necessary for orientation in general and the perception of safety by the citizens of the city. This system is an intelligent street lighting system that has clusters of slave lighting poles communicating with a master lighting pole via two way wireless network. The poles contain dimmable LED lights that are adaptively controlled depending on the ambient natural light. The master automatically switches to midnight mode at a time when least traffic is expected on the road. A microwave Doppler motion sensor on the master pole senses movement of vehicles or individuals on the road and switches to full lighting intensity accordingly for a small time period. All slaves will follow the master in this aspect. The system has inbuilt fault detection and power measurement at all slaves and master. This data is continuously monitored and logged using IoT capabilities present on the master. This paper proposes a scheme with which this can be achieved on a small scale model of the system with 1 master and 2 slaves.

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