Mitigation Technique to Eliminate Multiple Peaks for Photovoltaic Fed Modular Multilevel Converter under Partial Shading Phenomenon

Author (s):

  1. R. Ramaprabha, SSN College of Engineering, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India,
  2. Ramya C., UBDTCE, Davanagere, Karnataka, INDIA,


To overcome the issues on power loss due to partial shading, a new algorithm has been proposed to track the maximum power using voltage equalizer under partial shaded condition. The proposed voltage equalizer comprises of capacitor -inductor-diode (CLD) filters with SEPIC converter. In the proposed technique, the local peaks observed due to partial shading are eliminated and the extractable maximum power is increased by the equalizer. The conventional P&O algorithm can be carried out to extract the maximum power from the PV system since only single peak occurs due to the proposed technique. The system is simulated using MatLab-Simulink model and verified experimentally.

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