An Efficient Motion Detection System Using Dual Frame Differencing Method

Author (s):

  1. Dr. G. U. Kharat, Sharadchandra Pawar College of Engineering, Otur, India
  2. M. A. Hussain, Anuradha Engineering College, Chikhli, India,


A widespread amount of study undergoing in the field of human - computer vision is associated to target detection & tracking. Segmentation and tracking of the moving targets in vibrant environment is a difficult task. In this paper, authors describe a structure for the detection and tracking of moving objects in outdoor\indoor atmosphere. The method consists of two steps: at first, author use a two frame subtraction method for target detection. Then, model performance is enhanced for true motion segmentation using morphological operations. The second step of the algorithm is object tracking framework based on Kalman filtering which works well in dynamic scenes. Experimental result shows that the algorithm gives up better performance as compared to the other methods of visual surveillance.

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