Notch Loaded Slanted Double-SidedDual-Band Rectangular 1x2 Array for L–Band Applications

Author (s):

  1. S.J.Joshi, Parul Institute of Engineering & Technology, Waghodia, Gujarat, India
  2. T.S.Chavda, Parul Institute of Engineering & Technology, Waghodia, Gujarat, India,


Single feed Notch Loaded Slanted Double-Sided 1x2 Rectangular Microstrip Antenna for Dual-Band Operations has been simulated and fabricated. This antenna is developed on FR-4 substrate with dielectric constant ?r = 4.3 and thickness of 1.6 mm. Rectangular notch is incorporated at the radiating edge of the patch. 1x2 slanted rectangular patch array has been printed on both the sides of the substrate material and ground plane is separated by the air. Designed antenna is simulated on FDTD (Finite-difference time-domain) based software called CST (Computer Simulation Technology). Simulated results are obtained at 1.577 GHz and 1.765 GHz with the return loss of -21.989 dB and -28.084 dB respectively. Antenna gain on both the frequencies are 6.8 dBi and 6.1 dBi with bandwidth of 3.85% and 5.47% respectively. It has bi-directional radiation pattern along with 99.2% and 97.8% of efficiency. Co-axial probe feed is used which is the most likely used feeding method. After fabrication, antenna is being tested out and the measured results have a good match with the simulated one. The simple design and low cost leads to an easy fabrication and multi band operation makes it suitable for L – Band applications.

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