An Algorithm for the Interception and Analysis of Pulse Compression Radar Signals by Digital Receiver

Author (s):

  1. AK Singh, Defence Electronics Research Laboratory, Hyderabad,,
  2. Dr. K. Subba Rao, Osmania University, Hyderabad


Pulse Compression is an Electronic Protection (EP) technique being used in the modern radars to achieve the advantages of a good range resolution and target detection capability at low power levels and simultaneously offering Low Probability of Intercept (LPI) features. Pulse Compression Radars are being integrated into the many platforms and weapon systems of the modern battlefield. The Detection and analysis of pulse compression radars demand ELINT Receiver with very high sensitivity and capability to extract inter and intra pulse modulation parameters. In this paper, Digital Receiver, a state of the art single board solution for the detection and analysis of modern radar signals in real time is presented. A novel algorithm based on the All Phase FFT is being implemented successfully in the Digital Receiver Hardware in real time making the system useful for both the ES/ELINT applications. The Algorithm is capable of extracting all the basic as well as advanced parameters of frequency and phase modulations such as Chirp, Barker, and Poly-phase codes. The paper describes various pulse compression radar waveforms and thoroughly discusses the proposed Digital Receiver Hardware and implementation of signal processing algorithms for the interception and analysis of complex pulse compression radar signals. The simulated and measured test data for various digitally modulated radar signals is presented. This type of receiver plays a vital role in the modern battlefield for ES/ELINT application.

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