Design of Real Time Scheduling Algorithms for Efficient Mass Production in various Industrial Applications

Author (s):

  1. A. K. Somkuwar, M.A.N.I.T, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India
  2. V. S. Vora, Dr. K. N. Modi University, Newai, Rajasthan, India,


It is essential necessity of embedded system to generate response or output within deadline. Various Scheduling algorithms are used for this purpose to enhance performance, accuracy and security of embedded system applications. These algorithms are either fixed or dynamic type, which are designed for various constraints. Real time scheduling algorithms are mainly depending on type of task i.e. either aperiodic or sporadic. Some real time scheduling algorithms like Pre-emptive & Non Pre-emptive, Round Robin Scheduling, & Time Slicing are few of the favorites for various embedded applications. The type of task and accordingly type of scheduling algorithm used for various applications, where in, in this paper three industrial applications are discussed as case studies and they are Watch making, Conveyor belts and Chair manufacturing.

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