December 2012 Vol 1 No 1

Research Paper List
  1. Investigational Security Structural Design Using Client and Server Ambitious Protocols for WMN
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  2. Green solutions to manage urban stormwater runoff in Rajkot city
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  3. Curtailing Electronic waste and its Recycling Techniques, a Survey
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  4. Design of Real Time Scheduling Algorithms for Efficient Mass Production in various Industrial Applications
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  5. Performance Evaluation & Augmentation Of LEACH Using A Novel Clustering Hierarchy
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  6. Implementation and Performance Evaluation of Different Routing Protocols for Wireless Ad-hoc Networks
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  7. Hybridization of DWT & DCT – A Novel approach to embed message behind video
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  8. Economic Evaluation of Flexible Pavement with respect to Fly ash and Lime Stabilization of Expansive sub-grade soil in Gujarat
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  9. Hydrological and 1 D Hydrodynamic Modeling of Kosi River Paleochannel, Bihar (India)
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  10. Analysis of Stereo Vision Algorithm
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  11. Power Minimization Algorithm for Cooperative Wireless Network
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  12. Quality Attributes Evaluation for Groundnut using Semi Automatic Machine Vision System
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  13. Design parameters to improve Performance of real time object recognition SoC using VVP
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  14. Joint Cell and Power Allocation Schemes in Cellular Networks
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