Active Power Loss Reduction by Improved Gravitational Search Algorithm

Author (s):

  1. Dr. K. Lenin, Prasad V.Potluri Siddhartha Institute of Technology, Vijayawada,


This paper proposes an Improved Gravitational Search Algorithm (IGSA) to solve the optimal reactive power problem. Corresponding to the superior fitness value with incessant movement of motion, the largest mass of the particle occupy the most excellent position in the end which lead to optimal solution of the problem. In order to perk up the optimization accurateness and convergence speed of gravitational search algorithm, mechanism of adaptive mixed arbitrary mutation is intermingled with standard GSA algorithm , such that each particle has the probability of mutation at any time, and the number of particles that modify in the population have a tendency to diminish with the augment of iteration times. Also in this work improvement of Gravitational Search Algorithm is done through by adding Metropolis principle for particle position updating. Proposed Improved Gravitational Search Algorithm (IGSA) has been tested in standard IEEE 14,300 bus test system and simulation results show the projected algorithm reduced the real power loss considerably.

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