Aim & Scope

International Journal of Darshan Institute on Engineering Research and Emerging Technologies (IJDI-ERET) (ISSN 2320-7590) is an open access peer-reviewed international journal publishing high-quality articles related to all domains of engineering. The aim of the IJDI-ERET is to disseminate new findings and innovations in engineering and technology for the benefit of everyone ranging from students to academic and professional researchers and industry practitioners. The key objectives of IJDI-ERET Journal are:

Key Objectives

  • To provide a platform for dissemination of research outputs and current activities in field of engineering and technology.
  • To publish information and results in an efficient and effective manner.
  • To encourage the innovative, authentic and qualitative research in engineering and technology for better tomorrow.
  • To improve the standards of scientific journals for the international promulgation of information.
  • To bring together team of outstanding experts on one platform from all over the world and to ensure due respect for copyright and intellectual property law.

The Journal is published by Darshan Institute of Engineering and Technology, Rajkot, India and has periodicity of six months. All the papers are blind reviewed to ensure the originality and relevance of the work and also to enhance the objectivity and fairness of the review process. The Journal has no publication fee and the accepted papers are made available on-line (free access). Journal in printed form is sent to the subscribers and is also distributed free among selected institutes and organizations for the benefit of the community.

The Journal considers un-published original articles of following types for publication.
Research Articles
Technical article describing original research work or novel product/process development.
Review Articles
Technical article presenting comprehensive study of already existing findings.
Review Articles
Technical article presenting comprehensive study of already existing findings.
A short article that makes comments on another article already published by this Journal or replies to the comments.
Selected conference articles
Upon an agreement with a conference committee, selected papers may be published by the Journal either as a special issue or as a special section in the Journal.
The scope of the Journal extends to wide areas of core engineering and interdisciplinary studies.